Land Management & Forestry Services

Our land & forestry management services are what set us apart. Two of our team members hold degrees in Forest Management from NC State University - ranked #2 in the country and #1 in North Carolina. Our team also holds multiple Registered Forester designations, one of the highest honors in the field of forestry. Another member has spent the last 15 years micromanaging hunting properties across the midwest and east coast. 

We bring our extensive knowledge of forestry services to our clients, empowering them in what has historically been a one-sided market in favor of the buyer. From one-time jobs to long-term management, 10 acres to thousands, The Shipley Co. brings invaluable knowledge to your land and forestry needs. We’re a trusted resource when it comes to improving timber quality, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and water quality, ultimately bringing value to your property. 

Land Management & Forestry Services

Our comprehensive management provides you with a detailed analysis of your timberland along with action steps, arming you with knowledge for the future. Using data we’ve collected and analyzed from your property as well as growth and yield predictions, we provide an all-encompassing plan for your forest management, ultimately giving you clarity and peace of mind. A personalized plan tailored to your specific timberland is the best way to grasp the in-depth value of your land and to confidently plan for the future. 

Timber Management Services

Historically, timber sales have disproportionately benefited the buyer. At The Shipley Co., we help you get the best value for your timber, whether you’re buying or selling. Our detailed timber appraisals ensure that the value of your timber is not overlooked. The first step in a successful timber sale is a detailed timber appraisal, followed by a well-marketed sale announcement, and lastly, the transfer of a timber deed. Most timber sales are conducted on a lump-sum, sealed bid basis, where the sale can obtain 5 to 10 bids. The bidding process creates competition between buyers and prevents collusion, ensuring the landowner will have the final say in the transaction, as well as the best deal. When it comes to timber sales, we are experts in the field and take pride in maximizing our clients’ timber value. 

Timber Sales

An accurate timber appraisal is crucial when determining whether to sell, retain or selectively thin a stand. At The Shipley Co., we offer cruises for larger stands as well as tree counting for small or irregular stands with high variability. With each timber appraisal, we bring our passion for forestry as well as our extensive knowledge in the industry and local area, ensuring you get the most accurate information about your timber stand. 

Timber Appraisals

Many landowners are misinformed about the value of their timberland, due to outdated or incorrect information. A complete picture of your timberland is essential not only for your diversified investment portfolio, but for buy-sell decisions as well. With years of experience in North Carolina and southern Virginia forestry, combined with growth & yield financial programs, The Shipley Co. recognizes and promotes sound forestry investments so you understand the value of your timberland.   

Timberland Investment Analysis

Navigating property taxes can be complex and overwhelming. With our property tax reduction options, we’ll work to reduce your property taxes by assessing every element of your timberland, ultimately lowering the taxes owed. With our in-depth knowledge of the North Carolina and southern Virginia area property tax landscape, we’ll provide answers to your questions and a personalized plan to reduce your property taxes while maximizing the value of your timberland.

Property Tax Reduction Options

At The Shipley Co., we also proudly provide pulpwood thinnings, residential/development thinnings, disease pest and fire management, damage and trespass appraisals, and boundary line maintenance. With each specialty, we bring years of experience and extensive local knowledge. Contact us today to discuss any of our additional forestry services.

Additional Services

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